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Saturday, June 19, 2004
The Final Curtain

Bye Guys, it's been a blast!

It's gonna be hard leaving behind the island life, the palm trees and all the smiling faces that we have encountered.... at least we'll bring it back in spirit and suntans!!!

Everything is done at such a relaxed pace here, we run on island time!! so don't expect any sudden movements from us when we get home.

Ok, gonna go and catch the last few rays of glorious sunshine by the palm tree lined lagoon, and maybe go for a quick dip in the crystal clear waters - SUCH A HARD LIFE!!!!!

love you and leave you and see you all on the other side..

R&R; crusaders, professional relaxers and generally chilled beans

Posted at 12:17 pm by R&R
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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Seventh Heaven

Well, it's come full circle.
What a perfect circle it's been.
Have been on the atol island of Aitutaki for the last week now, and it's absolute paradise here. We won't have the photos uploaded till we get back home. You can put 'Aitutaki' in your search engines to get a real idea of where we're lounging :-)

The weather's been blissfull and we've done a whole load of relaxing.  Yesterday was our most energetic yet, we went on a jet boat around the other islands near by. We went to the island they filmed Shipwrecked on, and another beautiful island called 'One Foot'. Bendy palm trees curving up and out onto the pure white shores. The Hermit crabs seem to like it as much as we did.

Quintin our guide (eco-warrior/ledgend number 5??) showed us how to hull coconuts.  It felt like the movies and yet so very real to be drinking the juice straight out the coconut itself, after having been cracking it open again palms and then going at it with a big saber!
We tried a spot of water ski-ing, but both of us only managed to stay up for 2 seconds before falling face first into the water, still holding the tow-rope and getting dragged along at full speed. Our bikini pants were down in no time!

Back in Aitutaki, Samades' is our local... right on the edge of the lagoon.
Lennox is our beautiful little 3 year old friend and we've also become 'locals' in the eyes of all the other souls who choose to have this island, (and Samades) as their home.

This time next week we'll be back home...

It's been an absolute pleasure blogging to you all.

What an adventure.

(Robinson & Crusoe)

Posted at 11:59 am by R&R
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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
Cooking in the Cooks

Kia Orana from Raratonga in the Cook Islands! We've been here nearly a week now, and apart from snow, lightening and thunder we've experienced every other extreme in weather going! Yesterday we had glorious sunshine, and spent the whole day sunning ourselves on the edge of the lagoon just outside our hostel... it literally is paradise here. Everything is really chilled and laid back. It's alot quieter than I had originally imagined: I thought it would be more along the lines of Trinidad and Tabago (not that I've been :-)) with lots of colorful parades and steel drums... but it's actually pretty calm and sedate here. Which makes this the perfect place to just chill, read, swim, sun and recouperate from all that adventure we experienced in New Zealand. We've had a moped for the last four days and have pootled around the island at our leisure, eating in some nice eateries on the beach. Last night there was a tropical storm that made it's way over from Fiji. Never seen rain like it before in my life. It was so hot too! Totally awesome. Tomorrow we're off to the totally lagoon surounded island of Aitutaki for 9 days of even more bliss. Love to love it! R&R xxx

Posted at 01:12 pm by R&R
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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
The very last legs!

Hellooooooooo lovelies

Well it's our last 2 nights in the fair country of New Zealand and what a 3 months this has been.  Full of high adventure, thrills and spills and some heavy duty sitting around and chilling.  It's come full circle and after saying goobye to all our friends made along the way, we are together as a 2 again in the place where all this madness started!  And it hasn't changed, it's just a little colder! Actually a lot colder.

Last night was Garretts last night so we went back to the Sky Tower and had dinner with the Eeevil Ice Lady waitress who was christened Morag McIceQueen by Keith the last time we were there!  Again the food was wickedly delicious and we had a feast fit for kings as we watched auckland spin below us.

On Saturday night we went to the opening of Macbeth that Keith was playing Malcolm in and were treated to an evening of Shakespeare that was enthralling and brilliantly exectuted.  We weren't bored once and didn't feel the need to kill ourselves once!  Macbeth can be sooooo depressing it was really lovely to see it done well.  Keith was excellent in it, he really gave the young king some backbone and  seemed refreshingly confident in tackling Macbeth.  We were ever so proud of him and told him  many times at the after show drinks.  We had a few glasses of plonk with him and some of his friends and cast and then went to meet Garrett in Starks Wine Bar and then went onto Voodoo Lounge for some Rock action and a few games of Pool.

Garrett had managed to pick up a 6'5" East Coast American called Rich who was very nice and he came with us and watched Garrett and Bec make total fools of themselves on the pool table, as even though becca isn't very good, Garrett was just as bad and they got our asses whupped by some 5 year olds with dreadlocks.  Being total freaks they don't play 2shots for a foul and Becca ended up telling them that they were rubbish and cheaters for not playing this rule, to which the foetus that she was playing opposite patted her on the head and told her that she was in their country and had to play by their rules, patronising git!!!!! Aaaanyway mistakes were made and they ended up losing like shameless, cack-handed retards on a 7 ball shame game and decided to call it a night, only to be lured by the glowing lights of Burger King!!!!! Returning home at around 4am and wondering where the night went!

Things have been a little calmer since then as we are re-arranging our lives and cleansing our posessions to make way for the Cook Island Sun.

Hope you are all well and we'll be in touch soon

Much Love


PS: Happy Birthday Garrett

pps: Hello Caspar, Stuart, Charlie, Spencer, Calvados and Alessandro Del Humpiago

Posted at 12:08 am by R&R
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Sunday, May 30, 2004
M People

Kia Ora

Here we are again back in the wicked city that is Auckland. 
Over the last week we revisited the unmistakable Taupo... where we experienced our Bill Murray Groundhog Day Experience last time around... 2 months ago.
It was real nice to go back there though, especially to revisit the Tiki Lodge where Wendy and TC are just lovely and made us feel like guests in their home.  We had a couple of chill days: watched some DVD's and cooked ourselves lots of good health scran.  Last Sunday we hiked up to De Brett's Thermal Spa restort and spent a couple of hours chilling out in the spa pools... we even got our own private pool for an extra $...it's moments like these when it's increasingly hard to imagine life back in England.
On the Tuesday we went to this really cool place called Rock 'n' Ropes with Caspar, Stu and Garrett.  It's this majorly big play ground for big kids with really high tight-ropes, high-beams, vertical assult courses and stuff.  It even has a trapeze at the top of a 40ft pole which you scale up and then have to jump on to.  We spent the whole morning at this place up until lunch, and had it all to ourselves, it was really good fun - although our legs were like jelly alot of the time.  The boys were being macho and far cooler than us as always... by doing everything really quicky, and even blindfolded...

After a night out at Mulligans and the Holy Cow, we enjoyed our last night in Taupo taking it easy and watched another DVD  :-)

Now that we're back in Auckland it seems that our trip really is coming to it's natural end - what a journey...
Again it feels right to just continue on the chill vibe now, after countless weeks of incredible adrenaline adventure.

The Cook Islands are only a few days away now... sun, sea and sand, then a big journey home to our lovely country much nostalgia and a brill summer!

It's been great :-)

Till later...


Posted at 03:18 am by R&R
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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Whale Of A Time

Hey all!

After 5 and a half weeks in the South Island... we've made it back to Wellington. The sun is shining and life is good. 
Our whale watching expedition on Sunday in Kaikoura was absolutely incredible... not only did we see 5 sperm whales... all measuring around the same length as our boat (18 ft and massive) but we also saw a pod of hundreds of dusky dolphins.  There were so many of them, we didn't know where to look.  There were dorsal fins everywhere - the water was totally infested.  Our guide reckoned that that could well have bee 500 of them travelling together, which is completely mindblowing.  The dusky dolphins are the most friendly and flipper-like out of the entire species, and they certainly weren't shy about jumping, diving and flipping themselves around us.  The whales were equally as amazing... we were very fortunate to have seen 5 of them in a 2 hour period, as whales can hold there breath and stay under water for around an hour at a time. The flicking of there tails is the most spectacular thing and we've got some great photos that we hope to put up soon.

We've discovered a lot more of Wellington than we did the last time we were here. Yesterday we took a tour round the whole city.  We took in a couple of the LOTR filming locations and looked down on the whole city from Mount Victoria.  The harbour's so beautiful, and green belt planning restrictions around the city means that there's a real open feel here, right up close to nature, and untouched.  Definitely not a smog city.

Today we've got tickets to go and See Maggie Smith in Alan Bennet's Talking Heads at the St James Theatre on Courtenay Place. We can't believe that it's playing here while we around, what a touch!

Hear you're having lots of sun over in Blighty, Let's hope it holds out for the summer :-)


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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hey all...

Yesterday we had the best day, in true celebratory style for Becca's 25th birthday. In the morning we got up and had the lushest breakfast of Eggs Benedict and then had a chill day mouching round Christchurch and having a laugh.  In the afternoon we went punting on the River Avon with Calvados, which was totally surreal as it's so much like being back home in Oxford and yet it's over 10 and a half thousand miles away.
Last night, after a wicked curry at a place called Two Fat Indians (top nosh) ... we headed to the Southern Blues Bar  with Cal, Caspar and Croc-a-dun Stu for a night of great music and a drop of the good stuff. Absolutely mental.
Caught our bus at 7:30am this morning up to Kaikoura, which was punishment enough after such a late night, but when we found out that Ponsy was our bus drive (idiot man from Nelson) we knew that that was the true cherry on the birthday cake. Many windy roads and the genius use of ear plugs later... we disembarked in Kaikoura at lunchtime and have been chilling ever since.  Blissful.  Our hostel here (The Adelphi) is the lushest we've stayed in yet: very comfy and home orientated, with free vegetable soup and bread served each day at 6pm.

Whale watching tomorrow morn and then we'll go about exploring this beautiful place properly...
Enjoying the chill session for now :-)


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